John III of Egmont

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John III of Egmont and his wife by the Master of Alkmaar.

John III of Egmont (or Egmond) (Hattem, April 3, 1438 – Egmond, August 21, 1516) was first Count of Egmont, Lord of Baer, Lathum, Hoogwoude, Aarstwoude, Purmerend, Purmerland and Ilpendam, and Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland and West-Friesland.


John was a son of William II of Egmont and Walburga van Meurs.
As his father, he supported the pro-Burgundian party in the battle for controle of Guelders. When Charles the Bold came to power in Guelders, John was made bailiff of West-Friesland and governor of Arnhem in 1474.

For his role in the Hook and Cod wars, Maximilian of Austria made him Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland and West-Friesland in 1483, a function he held until 1515. He also became Knight in the order of the Golden Fleece.

In 1491 he was confronted with the Bread and Cheese Revolt, a popular uprising in West-Friesland, which he crushed with the support of Albert III, Duke of Saxony.

Some portraits of John of Egmont are kept in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Centraal Museum of Utrecht. A diptych, painted by the Master of Alkmaar, is kept in the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York.

Egmond coat of arms

Marriage and Children[edit]

John married in 1484 with Magdalena van Werdenburg, a cousin of Maximilian of Austria, and had 10 children, amongst whom: