Jan Kazimierz Chodkiewicz

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Jan Kazimierz Chodkiewicz
Coat of arms Kościesza odm.Chodkiewicz
Born 1616
Died (1660-04-30)April 30, 1660
Family Chodkiewicz
Consort Zofia Pac
Father Krzysztof Chodkiewicz
Mother Elżbieta Kiszka

Jan Kazimierz Chodkiewicz (1616–1660) (Lithuanian: Chodkevičius) was a Polonized Lithuanian nobleman (szlachcic).

Jan Kazimierz was Master of the Stables of Lithuania since July 20, 1633 and castellan of Vilnius since April 13, 1646. He married Zofia Pac on August 31, 1636, in Vilnius.

He died in 1660 and was buried in Brzostownica Wielka, Lithuania.

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