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Jan Victor Armas Lindblad (19 July 1932 - 5 April 1987) was a Swedish naturalist, writer, photographer, film maker, and whistling artist who imitated animals.

Lindblad was born in Örebro, Sweden in 1932. He made his debut in the early 1950s, performing in various revues, as a juggler and whistling artist. The latter talent made him one of the 1970s best-selling record artist in his native Sweden. One of his biggest hits was his whistling interpretation of the American folk song "Oh Shenandoah", recorded in 1977.

Lindblad was also known for his wildlife films, such as Ett vildmarksrike (A wildlife realm) of 1964; Guyana – vattnens land (Guyana – Land of waters) of 1975; and Djungelbokens värld (The World of the Jungle Book) of 1980.[1] In addition, he produced several nature films for television, including series from India and Latin America. Many of Lindblad's films were recorded as he stayed with indigenous people, for example in Guyana in 1964.[2] For his nature films, Lindblad was awarded the Stora Journalistpriset award in 1970,[3] and in 1980, he was awarded an honorary degree at Stockholm University.[2] Lindblad was also an activist who fought against keeping wild animals in small cages; and known for his project of keeping two Bengal tiger cubs, named Lillan and Rani, in his Swedish residence.[4]

Lindblad was a known diabetic but died suddenly in Stockholm of kidney failure related to a lingering tropical fever he had contracted in Sri Lanka. He was survived by his life partner and co-worker Pia Thörn and by Jan Lindblad, Jr., his son from a previous relationship.[5][6]

In 1998, a series of two postage stamps, engraved by the accomplished postage stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania, was issued by the Swedish Postal Service with Lindblad and his two rather unusual pets, the tiger cubs Lillan and Rani.[7]


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