Jan Lubrański

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Jan Lubranski
Jan Lubrański Poznań
Tomb of Jan Lubrański in Poznań cathedral
Born1456 (1456)
Died22 May 1520 (1520-05-23) (aged 64)
OccupationPolish bishop
Godziemba Coat of Arms of bishop Lubrański

Jan Lubrański (1456 – 22 May 1520) was a Polish bishop, politician and diplomat. His coat of arms was Godziemba.


Lubrański was bishop of Płock between 1497 and 1498 and bishop of Poznań since 1498, founder of many churches in his dioceses, initiator of the reconstruction of the Poznań cathedral. As a bishop he was automatically a senator, close collaborator of the Polish kings, he was frequently used as a diplomat. In 1519 he founded a college in Poznań, which is named Lubrański Academy in his memory.[citation needed]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Piotr z Chodkowa
Bishop of Płock
Succeeded by
Wincenty Przerębski