Jan Michael Looking Wolf

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Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Background information
Born May 12, 1966
Origin Grand Ronde, Oregon
Genres Native American
Instruments Native American flute, guitar, vocalist, percussion
Years active 2002–present
Labels 6 in all: Cedar Feather Productions, Orca Moon, High Spirits, Spirit Wind Records, Axis Media, Cole Music
Website www.lookingwolf.com

Jan Michael Looking Wolf (born May 12, 1966) is a Kalapuya Native American flute player from Grand Ronde, Oregon. With 52 National Award recognitions, Looking Wolf performs across the country sharing flute songs, tribal stories, and the message of One Heart. Jan Michael's latest projects showcase his vocals and song writing abilities.

In 2010, he released two cds by separate record labels. Through Orca Moon Music "Live As One" was released, a beautiful acoustic song that speaks about unity for all people, regardless of the color of their skin. And High Spirits released "A Message from the Sun", a beautiful native flute CD with world percussion. He currently teaches Native American Flute at Oregon State University. He had 2 large strokes from a rare disease[1] but miraculously recovered completely.

He has one son, Shane Michael, wife Rhonda, and Godson Daniel.


  • 2011 - Winner - Best Music Video NAMMYS
  • 2010 - Winner - Record of the Year NAMMYS
  • 2010 - Silver Arrow Life Time Achievement Award
  • 2009 - Winner - Artist of the Year NAMMYS
  • 2008 - Winner - Flutist of the year NAMMYS
  • 2008 - Winner - Best Native Flute, ISMA
  • 2007 - Hero Award Children's Cancer Association
  • 2007 through 2009 - Silver Arrow Award Recipient


  • Peaceful Journey
  • Native Blues
  • Dreamcatcher (Standing Elk w/Jan Michael)
  • One Heart One Spirit
  • A New Day
  • Tribute to the Flute Makers
  • Spreading Wings
  • Breath Maker
  • Woodsounds
  • Unity
  • Seven Rabbits (CD for children with cancer)
  • The Looking Wolf Project
  • Under Father Sky
  • Diversity
  • Breakin' Free (2009 - Spirit Wind Records)
  • Live As One (2010 - Orca Moon)
  • Message From the Sun (2010 - High Spirits)
  • Wind Dreamer (2012 - High Spirits)

COLLABORATIONS ON CD - played on other albums:

  • Rise-Up (2009 - Spirit Wind Records)
  • Kelly Monijo Fink (2009)
  • Jimmy Lee Young (2010)
  • Felipe Rose (2009)
  • Nightshield (2009)


  • Tribute to the Native American Flute
  • Introduction and Techniques: Native American Flute


  • Rise-Up (benefit video for homeless - Spirit Wind Records 2009)
  • Your Not alone (Spirit Wind Records, Justice films 2009)
  • Addiction (Spirit Wind Recordsm Justice films 2009)
  • What the World Needs (Benefit video for Haiti Spirit Wind Records 2009)

FEATURE FILM: The Legend of Tillamook's Gold (Bright Light Studios 2006)


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