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Jan Nepomucen Białobłocki (c.1806—31 March 1828, Sokołowo, Golub-Dobrzyń) was a childhood friend and correspondent of Polish-French composer Frédéric Chopin.[1]

Born into an aristocratic family, Białobłocki began in 1816 to study at the Warsaw Lyceum, where one of his teachers was Nicolas Chopin, the composer's father; Białobłocki lodged with the Chopin family. In 1823 Białobłocki commenced studies at Warsaw University. He became a close friend of Frédéric, who addressed numerous letters to him, using Białobłocki's nickname, Jasio.[2][1]

In 1828 Białobłocki died of tuberculosis of the bone,[3] unmarried, at his family estate of Sokołowo.[1]


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