Jan Roháč z Dubé

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Statue of Jan Roháč at Hvězda Park in Prague

Jan Roháč z Dubé (died 9 September 1437 in Prague) was a Bohemian Hussite marshal who originated in the Bohemian gentry.

Following the death of Jan Zizka, he became Master of Orphans, a radical Hussite sect. He survived the Battle of Lipany in 1434 and, in 1437, he retreated with his last remaining disciples to his small castle Sion in what is now the Czech Republic. There he was besieged and after four months the castle defenses were successfully breached by the combined efforts of Bohemian troops under Hynek Ptáček and Hungarian troops led by Michael Ország. Roháč was hanged on Emperor Sigismund's order three days later in Prague.