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The Jan Tana Classic was a professional female bodybuilding competition organized by the International Federation of BodyBuilders. The contest was named for its promoter, a marketer of tanning products. The Jan Tana Classic was generally considered to be the third most prestigious contest for female bodybuilders, behind the Ms. Olympia and Ms. International. It was held annually from 1991 through 2003. The event was contested in one combined class through 1999. Starting with the 2000 contest, the competitors were divided into three weight classes. No overall winner was named in 2000 or 2001, but a posedown between the class winners was used to determine the overall title in 2002 and 2003. With the departure of Wayne DeMilia from the IFBB, the show was cancelled. Recently it was brought back by Jan Tana in 2007.

Before it became a professional event, the Jan Tana Classic was run as an amateur bodybuilding contest in 1989. In addition, an amateur bodybuilding contest was included along with the professional contest in 1991, 1993, 1994, and 1999 through 2003. A fitness contest was added in 1995 and a figure contest was also added in 2001.


Year Women's Bodybuilding Women's Fitness Women's Figure Venue
Overall Lightweight Middleweight Heavyweight Best Poser Overall Best Routine Overall
1991 United States Sue Gafner
1992 United States Nikki Fuller
1993 United States Denise Rutkowski Roanoke, Virginia
1994 United States Sue Price
1995 United States Michele Ralabate United States Monica Brant Roanoke, Virginia
1996 Canada Melissa Coates United States Theresa Hessler Roanoke, Virginia
1997 United States Chris Bongiovanni United States Theresa Hessler Charlotte, North Carolina
1998 United States Lesa Lewis United States Mary Yockey Charlotte, North Carolina
1999 United Kingdom Gayle Moher United States Kelly Ryan Roanoke, Virginia
2000 Overall category not held. United States Renee Casella Ukraine Valentina Chepiga United States Th-resa Bostick United States Jenny Worth Roanoke, Virginia
2001 United States Betty Pariso United Kingdom Joanna Thomas Venezuela Fannie Barrios United States Betty Pariso United States Kelly Ryan Lynchburg, Virginia
2002 United States Nancy Lewis Venezuela Fannie Barrios United States Nancy Lewis United States Beth Roberts United States Kelly Ryan Lynchburg, Virginia
2003 Denmark Helle Trevino Brazil Angela Debatin Canada Dayana Cadeau Denmark Helle Trevino United States Vilma Caez United States Tracey Greenwood United States Bridgette Newell United States Dina Al-Sabah Charlotte, North Carolina
2004 Jan Tana Classic not held.
2007 United States Sarah Dunlap United States Sarah Dunlap Middleweight category not held. United States Stephanie Kessler Best poser category not held. Fitness category not held. United States Felicia Romero Tarrytown, New York