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Jan Thore Grefstad (born January 30, 1978 in Tromsø, Norway) is a Norwegian rock singer and songwriter, raised in Båtsfjord, Finnmark, the hometown of his father.

Best known from the heavy metal bands Highland Glory, Wild Willy's Gang and Saint Deamon. He was for a period a member of the black metal band Frostmoon. On October 2007, he left Highland Glory to form Saint Deamon with Ronny Milianowicz and Magnus 'Nobby' Norberg from Dionysus, with whom he has participated in several festivals such as ProgPower USA (2008), no:Karmøygeddon Metal Festival (2009), Forces of Metal (2009), Norway Rock (2011), Prog Power Oslo (2012) and others. He has also done a couple of gigs with TNT (band) as a temporary replacement for singer Tony Mills, who was recovering from health problems in the UK.

In addition, Jan Thore has participated in reality television shows The Voice in 2011 and Norske Talenter (the Norwegian version of the global Got Talent franchise) in 2013.


Highland Glory[edit]

  • From the Cradle to the Brave (2003)
  • Forever Endeavour (2005)

Wild Willy's Gang[edit]

  • Camouflage (2005)

Saint Deamon[edit]

  • In Shadows Lost From The Brave (2008)
  • Pandeamonium (2009)

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