Jana (given name)

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Gender Female
Word/name various unrelated
Meaning various

Jana is the spelling of several unrelated given names.

  • a Slavic short-form for Johanna
  • a Catalan and Occitan old name
  • In Cantabria it is the feminine form of Jano, a celtic god.
  • the Roman goddess Diana, who was often called Jana
  • In India however, Jana is a shortform for the Hindu god Janarthanan.[citation needed]
  • In Arabic Jana, short-form for Jannah (Arabic: جنّة‎‎) is both the Islamic and Christian concept of paradise. It can be also used as a noun which means to Earn or Reap and is used as a female name, but is pronounced as Jana جنى
  • In Albanian short for Jehona which means echo, other short names include Jona, Ana, Hona

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