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Jana Obrovská (13 September 1930 – 1987) was a Czech composer.


Jana Obrovská was born in Prague, the daughter of painter and sculptor Jakub Obrovský. Her early studies were piano with B. Kabeláčová-Rixová and theory with Jaroslav Řídký. At the Prague Conservatory she studied with M. Krejčí and Emil Hlobil from 1949-55. She won a prize in the 1972 Concours International de Guitarre in Paris for Passocaglia und Toccata. Her Hommage a Béla Bartók became compulsory in the same Paris competition in 1975. Obrovská also composed music for orchestra and chamber ensembles.[1][2]

Obrovská married guitar virtuoso Milan Zelenka and the couple had a son, guitarist Vilém Zelenka (b. 1987) who often plays in a duo with his father.[3]


Obrovská's compositions have been recorded and issued on CD, including:

Selective Discography[edit]

  • Homage to Béla Bartók for guitar, R. Aussel HARMONIA MUNDI CD in MAN4802 (1992)
  • Four images of Japan for guitar, Tribute to Hirohige - Homage to Hokusai - Tribute to Utamara - Tribute to Sharaku, R. Aussel HARMONIA MUNDI CD in MAN4802


  • Preludia and Hommage a Choral Gothique for guitar, . . . A Ty Taky Jdi do Ithaky . . . , P. Steidl WILLIAM RECORDING WR001 (2013)[5]


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