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Jana Rošker

Jana S. Rošker (Chinese: 罗亚娜) (born 21 May 1960) is a Slovenian sinologist.


Jana Rošker was born in 1960 in Murska Sobota. She was a student of sinology, journalism and pedagogy at the University of Vienna. She also studied at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Nankai University and Beijing University. She received her PhD at the University of Vienna in 1988 for the thesis 'Theories of the State and Anarchist Criticism of the State in China at the Turn of the Century' (original in German: 'Staatstheorien und anarchistische Staatskritik in China um die Jahrhundertwende'). During her studies and later in life she spent over ten years in People's Republic of China and Taiwan.

Academic career[edit]

In her research she mostly examines subjects related to Chinese philosophy, Chinese logic, Chinese epistemology, the methodology of intercultural research and the theory of knowledge. Since 1995, she has been a professor at the Chair of Sinology, Department of Asian Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana.[1] She was one of the founders of this department and chaired it for several years. She was one of the hosts of the 'XVI. Biennial Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies', which was held in Ljubljana in 2006 and the chief organizer of many other international conferences in Chinese studies (2005, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015). She is founder and first president of the European Association of Chinese philosophy[2] and chief editor of the academic journal Asian studies.[3] Prizes and awards:

  • 2010 Great prize of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana;
  • 2013 ARRS (Slovene national research agency) award for the extraordinarily research achievement in humanities;
  • 2015 Žiga Zois - Slovene national award for research achievements;
  • 2015 Golden Plaque of the University of Ljubljana for contributions in research and high education.


Main publications in Chinese and English

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