Jana von Lahnstein

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Jana von Lahnstein †
Vanessa Jung as Jana von Lahnstein (2007)
Verbotene Liebe character
Portrayed by Friederike Sipp
Vanessa Jung
First appearance Episode 1833
October 1, 2002
Last appearance Episode 3108
February 20, 2008
Occupation Former nurse at 'St. Vincenz Hospital'
Former prostitute

Jana von Lahnstein (née Brandner) is a fictional character in the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The character was played by the actress Friederike Sipp from October 1, 2002, to March 21, 2005.[1] The character was recast with Vanessa Jung, who played the role from March 23, 2005, to February 20, 2008.[2]

Character's background[edit]

Shy and good-hearted, Jana Brandner arrives with her siblings Robin (Nils Brunkhorst) and Nico von Lahnstein (Verena Zimmermann) in October 2002 and hopes to find a new home with Arno Brandner (Konrad Krauss), their uncle. Her father Achim (Matthias Haase) left the family when she was young and Jana had to grow up in foster homes.

After a few days, Jana falls in love with Andi Fritzsche (Dominic Saleh-Zaki), but he is in a relationship with Franziska von Beyenbach (Lina Tiedtke). After a fire, the drunk Andi kisses Jana and she reciprocates. Jana has a guilty conscience about the kiss and tells Franziska the truth. She cannot believe that and breaks up with Andi. Jana hopes that she and Andi will have a future, when he is over his relationship with Franziska. Nico cannot stand Andi and does not want him involved with Jana. But Jana cannot hide her feelings any longer and tells Andi how she feels about him. In the beginning, Andi does not know how to react, but then he realizes that he is in love with her too. Andi tells Jana that he loves her, and they begin a relationship.

In 2007, Jana begins a passionate affair with her good friend Leonard von Lahnstein (Lars Korten). She falls madly in love with him and they later marry in a beautiful ceremony. However, she soon realizes that he is still in love with Sarah Hofmann (Sina-Valeska Jung), who he once believed was his half-sister. Leonard and Sarah have a one-night stand, which Jana discovers, but decides to forgive them.

Leonard and Jana decide to make a fresh start in Chicago. On the day of their leaving party, Sarah begs Leonard not to leave her. Jana overhears their conversation and confronts Sarah. They have a heated argument and a furious Jana gets in her car to drive and Sarah gets in with her. Jana loses control of the car and they have a terrible accident. A short time after this, Jana suffers a pulmonary embolism and dies in the hospital with Leonard and Sarah by her side. All of Jana's loved ones are heartbroken over her death, particularly Nico.

The von Lahnsteins set up The Jana von Lahnstein Foundation in her honor.