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Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Communist Party of India Kerala State Committee
Editor-in-chief Binoy Viswam
Founded 1947
Political alignment Left-wing
Language Malayalam
Website janayugomonline.com

Janayugom is the official organ of the Kerala State Committee of the Communist Party of India. It was started in 1947 from Quilon as a weekly magazine to propagate the news and views of the party and the editors were N. Gopinathan Nair(velya gopi) and R. Gopinathan Nair(kochu gopi). By the 1950s, the Janayugom daily newspaper also was started and by the 70s the Janayugom family of publications had expanded with new members- Cinerama, a film weekly, Balayugom, a children's monthly and Janayugom Novelpathippu, a literary magazine. Later all these publications stopped one by one and only a monthly magazine from Calicut remained. In 2007 Janayugom was rejuvenated, now as a daily news paper. Marxist theoreticians like C. Unniraja have been its chief editors. Presently its editor is Binoy Viswam.


Official website: http://janayugomonline.com