Jandaha (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

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Vidhan Sabha constituency
Jandaha is located in Bihar
Location in Bihar
Coordinates: 25°42′58″N 85°31′58″E / 25.71611°N 85.53278°E / 25.71611; 85.53278Coordinates: 25°42′58″N 85°31′58″E / 25.71611°N 85.53278°E / 25.71611; 85.53278
Country  India
State Bihar
District Vaishali
Lok Sabha constituency Hajipur
Year abolished 2010

Jandaha (Vidhan Sabha constituency) (Hindi: जन्दाहा विधान सभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र) was an assembly constituency in Vaishali district in the Indian state of Bihar.


As a consequence of the orders of the Delimitation Commission of India, Jandaha (Vidhan Sabha constituency) emerged in 1962 and ceased to exist in 2010.[1]

It was part of Hajipur (Lok Sabha constituency). [2]

Election results 1962 -2010[edit]


List of MLAs of Jandaha Vidhan Sabha Constituency is as follows:[3]

Sl No. Year Winner Party Runner Party
1 1962 Tulsi Dass Mehta SOC Rajbanshi Sinha INC
2 1967 Bhuneshwar Chaudhary INC Tulsi Dass Mehta SSP
3 1969 Tulsi Dass Mehta SSP Bhuneshwar Chaudhary INC
4 1972 Bhagdeo Singh IND Pras Ram Pr. Singh NCO
5 1977 Munshi Lal Ray JNP Bhagdeo Singh INC
6 1980 Birendra Singh IND Shib Prasad Singh JNP(SC)
7 1985 Tulsi Das Mehta LKD Birendra Singh IND
8 1990 Tulsi Das Mehta JD Shivanarayan Pd. Mishra IND
9 1995 Tulsi Das Mehta JD Achidanand Singh BJP
10 2000 Upendra Pd. Singh SAP Achidanand Singh IND
11 2005 Feb Achidanand Singh Alin Dr. Achyutanand LJP Umesh Singh Kushwaha RJD
12 2005 Oct Dr. Achyutanand LJP Umesh Singh Kushwaha RJD
Jandaha Vidhan Sabha constituency ceased to exist in 2010 Election.


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