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Jandol (also called Jandool or Jandul) was a small Pashtun (Muslim) princely state during the British raj, yet yielded the "Napoleon of the Pathans" Umra Khan.

The Muslim khanate was a minor 'Frontier State' in the colonial Northwest Frontier Province, founded circa 1830. Its capital was a town called Barwa (which has various namesakes in British India).Now called Samarbagh(Tehsil of Dir Lower)

In Jandol some minor khanates were also present at that time like Ghambhir khanate and khanate of shahi(A mountainous town of Jandol).

Some minor Malik's were also present who were the head's of local Jirga of tribes Shiekh khel(Ancestors of Shengas Singh).


Mohammad Aman Khan


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