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Jane's Combat Simulations
Brand of Electronic Arts
Founded 1994

Jane's Combat Simulations was a brand of PC flight and combat simulators released by Electronic Arts (EA). The Jane's Information Group branding was purchased by Electronic Arts to lend authenticity and accuracy to their growing line of combat games.[1] The license was announced in 1995,[2] and games were released over the next 5 years, although Jane's Combat Simulations branded games had been released by Electronic Arts since 1994. In late 2000, Electronic Arts dropped Jane's Combat Simulations, leading to them being licensed by different companies.

The creative leads behind the Jane's Combat Simulations line were Andy Hollis and Paul Grace, designers who previously worked on games such as F-19 Stealth Fighter and Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer.[3]


Jane's Combat Simulations developed 20 games over the years 1994–1999 averaging a high 4 games annually.

Game collections[edit]

Games without original developer involvement[edit]


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