Jane's F-15

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Jane's F-15
Jane's F-15 Coverart.jpg
Developer(s) Jane's Combat Simulations
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Designer(s) Andy Hollis
Series Jane's Combat Simulations
Platform(s) PC (Windows)
Release 1998
Genre(s) Combat flight simulator
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer

Jane's F-15 is a combat flight simulator video game developed and released by Electronic Arts in 1998 for the PC. It models McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle. EA's 1999 Jane's F/A-18 used an improved version of F-15's game engine.


A view of the 2D-cockpit

The game has two campaigns: one based on the 1991 Gulf War and the other focusing on fictional conflict against Iran.

The virtual cockpit was one of the first of its kind, but the game still featured a 2D cockpit which also allowed the player to switch between the pilot and the weapon systems officer seat in the back of the cockpit to monitor the different multi-functional displays.


While F-15E pilot Sean Long commented that the flight model was high quality and landings were fairly accurate, this was prior to the release of a patch that fixed all landings being set to "easy" difficulty mode. There was widespread complaints by players on both the fight model's oscillations, tendency to have excessive instantaneous pitch authority, and the inability of the crudely modeled pitch trim SAS to deal with this disparity and the lower sustained turn rates. The usefulness of the radar modes was also lacking compared to the follow up Jane's F/A-18.


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