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TTC - Line 2 - Bloor-Danforth line.svg
Jane TTC Armadale.jpg
Location 15 Jane Street
Toronto, Ontario
Coordinates 43°38′59.7″N 79°29′02″W / 43.649917°N 79.48389°W / 43.649917; -79.48389Coordinates: 43°38′59.7″N 79°29′02″W / 43.649917°N 79.48389°W / 43.649917; -79.48389
Platforms side platforms
Tracks 2
Structure type underground
Disabled access Yes
Opened 10 May 1968
Passengers (2015[1]) 19,820
Preceding station   TTC   Following station
toward Kipling
TTC - Line 2 - Bloor-Danforth line.svg Bloor–Danforth
toward Kennedy

Jane is a station on the Bloor–Danforth line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located just north of Bloor Street West, spanning the block east of Jane Street to Armadale Avenue, with entrances from all three streets. It opened in 1968 as part of the westerly extension from Keele to Islington Station.[2] Wi-Fi service is available at this station. [3]

In 2006, this station became accessible with elevators.


Accessible entrance from Bloor Street

The station's street entrances lead directly into the bus platform area in a layout that would not allow it to be readily brought into the station's fare-paid area. Until 1973 this was largely irrelevant because the station was on a fare zone boundary and the subway trains and some of the buses serving it were in separate zones.

At the west end, the Jane Street entrance is located just north of Bloor, on the east side of Jane Street. Similarly, at the other end of bus platform, there is an entrance directly from the west side of Armadale Avenue. Additionally, the station is accessible through automatic doors via a pedestrian walkway located mid-block on the north side of Bloor Street, between Jane and Armadale.[4]

Nearby landmarks[edit]

The station serves the local communities of Bloor West Village, Swansea, Runnymede, Old Mill and Baby Point and nearby destinations such as Bloor West Health Centre, St. Pius X Catholic School, St. Olave's Anglican Church, Windermere United Church and Jane/Dundas Public Library.[5]

Surface connections[edit]

Since the bus platform is located outside the fare-paid area, a paper transfer is required to connect surface routes.

The following bus routes[6] terminate at the station:

35B to Pioneer Village and Steeles Avenue
35C to Steeles Avenue - the main branch
35D to Langstaff Road - extra fare required north of Steeles Avenue

Transit City LRT plan[edit]

The Transit City proposal calls for a new LRT line known as the Jane LRT line, running along Jane Street from Pioneer Village Station to Jane Station.[7]


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