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The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research (the "JCC"), established in 1937,[1] awards the "Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellowship" for research in the medical and related sciences bearing on cancer. The fellowship is regarded as one of the most prestigious fellowships in US and postdoctoral candidates are awarded with a 3-year support. The researchers and the research labs where the fellows conduct their projects have made major scientific contributions in areas such as the advancement of understanding the human genome, and the application of genetic approaches to understanding pathway regulation and stem cell activation. Nearly two dozen individuals associated with the Fund — as grantees, fellows and advisors — have won Nobel prizes in physiology, medicine and chemistry.

Members of the board of scientific advisors have included: Over the years the Fund has been fortunate to attract an extraordinarily distinguished group of scientists for its Board of Scientific Advisers. To date 16 of the former Board members have earned the Nobel Prize. They have brought to the Fund expertise, a concern for excellence and a spirit of service that have contributed immeasurably to its reputation and accomplishments. They have been largely responsible for shaping the original charitable gift into an effective force for the advancement of biomedical sciences research.

Notable fellows have included:[2] The Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research is dedicated to providing financial support to offer highly qualified scientists the opportunity to pursue research into the causes and origins of cancer. The goal of the Fund is to provide support to the brightest individual scientists pursuing careers in cancer research while promoting and emphasizing the value and contribution of the individual in keeping with the spirit of the conception of the Fund. Notable fellows have included:[3]

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