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Jane E. Clarke
Jane Clarke - Dover Castle - Spring 2010.jpg
Clarke – England – 2010
Born (1954-12-17) 17 December 1954 (age 67)
Alma materUniversity of Birmingham, University College London
Known forAuthor of children's books
Spouse(s)Martin Clarke (deceased)
Children2 sons

Jane Elizabeth Clarke (born in 1954) is an English writer of children's books and poetry. Her best known books include Gilbert the Greatillustrated by Charles Fuge, and Neon Leon[1] illustrated by Britta Teckentrup. Jane has published more than 80 books, including the Dr. Kittycat series for Oxford University Press, and children's reading scheme books used in schools.[2] CBeebies Bedtime Stories have featured two of Jane's books, Stuck in the Mud (read by Dolly Parton)[3] and Knight Time (read by Jake Wood).[4] Stuck in the Mud is also featured with a US Scholastic Book Club edition which includes a CD audio edition. This audio edition is produced by Beatstreet Productions, NYC, directed by Cheryl Smith, read by Cassandra Morris and features music composed by Michael Abbott.

Jane Clarke is also a team writer on three different popular series for young readers. Dinosaur Cove (series created by Working Partners Ltd. and published by Oxford University Press),[5] Puddle the Naughtiest Puppy (series created by Working Partners Ltd. and published by Ladybird Books Ltd.)[6] and Pet Hotel (created by Random House Children's Books and published by Red Fox.)[7]

Early life[edit]

Jane was born 17 December 1954 and brought up in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. Her parents were Jim and June Andrew. She was a pupil at Hawthorn Road County Primary School in Kettering. In 1972 Jane completed her secondary study at the Kettering High School for Girls. From 1972 to 1975 Jane studied at the University of Birmingham where she earned a combined Bachelor of Arts with honours in archaeology and history. In 1981 she completed a PhD in archaeology from University College London.

Personal life[edit]

On 5 November 1977 Jane married Martin Clarke. Martin worked as a chemical engineer. His work took them to Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Wales and the Netherlands. Together they raised two sons, Andrew Clarke (born 15 October 1983 in Wales) and Robert Clarke (born 18 October 1985 in Wales). Both sons completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma at the Antwerp International School in Belgium and university degrees in the UK.

During her doctoral studies Jane lectured at University College London (1978–79). Thereafter she lectured at University College Cardiff in Wales part-time (1981–83), and taught history at Bryn Hafren School in Barry, Wales (1979–83). Afterwards, Jane moved with her family to Koewacht, Netherlands. She began working part-time as a librarian at the Antwerp International School. It was during this time she started her career as a children's author.

Jane's husband, Martin, died of a heart attack in Antwerp, Belgium on 20 December 2001. In June 2005, Jane moved from the Netherlands back to Kent, England where she now lives.

Aside from writing children's books, Jane spends a significant amount of time inspiring children to read and write. She frequently visits schools throughout the UK and Europe.

Jane has also supported various charitable organisations including Ellenor Lions Children's Hospice, Institute of Cancer Research (The Clapham Grand), Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and READ (promotes reading in Africa).


  • Sheffield Children's Book Award – Picture Book Category (Gilbert the Great) 2006, Highly Commended[8]
  • Norfolk Library and Information Service Children's Book Award – Younger Category (Gilbert the Great) 2006, Bronze Star Winner
  • Nottingham Children's Book Award for 3-5's (Stuck in the Mud) 2008[9]


  • Plodney Creeper, Supersloth (2001, ISBN 978-0-7497-4585-1)
  • Sherman Swaps Shells (2001, ISBN 978-0-431-02408-0)
  • Only Tadpoles Have Tails (2002, ISBN 978-0-09-943870-0)
  • Smoky Dragons (2002, ISBN 978-0-8167-7457-9)
  • Tusk Trouble (2003, ISBN 978-0-340-87725-8)
  • Dino Dog (2004, ISBN 978-0-552-55032-1)
  • Gilbert the Great (2005, ISBN 978-1-4027-2169-4)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Batbird (2005, ISBN 978-0-00-718637-2)
  • Prince Albert's Birthday (2005, ISBN 978-0-19-845579-0)
  • I'm Not Wearing That! (2005, ISBN 978-0-19-845554-7)
  • Dippy's Sleepover (2006, ISBN 978-0-7641-3425-8)
  • Chewy Hughie (2006, ISBN 978-0-00-718692-1)
  • No Nits! (2006, ISBN 978-0-7534-1289-3)
  • Squeaky Clean (2006, ISBN 978-0-7496-6805-1)
  • Mole and the New Hole (2006, ISBN 978-0-00-723600-8)
  • Muck it Up! (2006, ISBN 978-0-00-723583-4)
  • Trumpet: the Little Elephant with a Big Temper (2006, ISBN 978-1-4169-0482-3)
  • Scratching’s Catching! [USA version of No Nits!] (2007, ISBN 978-0-7534-5958-4)
  • G.E.M. (2007, ISBN 978-0-09-948012-9)
  • Gilbert in Deep (2007, ISBN 978-1-4027-5125-7)
  • The Best of Both Nests (2007, ISBN 978-0-8075-0668-4)
  • Stuck in the Mud (2008, ISBN 978-0-8027-9758-2)
  • Runny Honey (2008, ISBN 978-0-7787-3862-6)
  • Knight Time (2008, ISBN 978-1-86230-536-6)
  • Eye, Eye Captain! (2008, ISBN 978-1-4048-4906-8)
  • Gilbert the Hero (2010, ISBN 978-1-84738-292-4)
  • Creaky Castle (illustrated by Christyan Fox) Simon & Schuster 2011
  • Dance Together Dinosaurs (illustrated by Lee Childish) Random House 2012
  • How to Tuck In Your Sleepy Lion (illustrated by Georgie Birkett) Random House 2015
  • How to Feed Your Cheeky Monkey (illustrated by Georgie Birkett) Random House 2015
  • How to Brush Your Teeth With Snappy Croc (illustrated by Georgie Birkett) Random House 2015
  • How to Bath Your Little Dinosaur (illustrated by Georgie Birkett) Random House 2015
  • Old Macdonald's Things That Go (illustrated by Migy Blanco) Nosy Crow 2015
  • Who Woke the Baby? (illustrated by Charles Fuge) Nosy Crow 2015
  • I Saw Anaconda (illustrated by Emma Dodd) Nosy Crow 2016
  • Neon Leon (illustrated by Britta Teckentrup) Nosy Crow 2017
  • Firefly Home (illustrated by Britta Teckentrup) Nosy Crow 2018
  • Leap Frog (illustrated by Britta Teckentrup) Nosy Crow 2019
  • Tiptoe Tiger (illustrated by Britta Teckentrup) Nosy Crow 2021

The Dr. KittyCat books, Oxford University Press:

  • Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Posy the Puppy 2015
  • Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Daisy the Kitten 2015
  • Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Clover the Bunny 2015
  • Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Willow the Duckling 2015
  • Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Nutmeg the Guinea Pig 2016
  • Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Pumpkin the Hamster 2017
  • Dr KittyCat is ready to rescue: Peanut the Mouse 2018
  • Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Ginger the Kitten 2018
  • Dr KittyCat is ready to rescue: Logan the Puppy 2018
  • Dr KittyCat is ready to rescue: Bramble the Hedgehog 2019

Al's Awesome Science, Five Quills:

  • Al's Awesome Science: No.1: Egg-Speriments! (illustrated by James Brown) 2017
  • AL's Awesome Science: Splash Down! (illustrated by James Brown) 2018
  • Al's Awesome Science: Blast-Off! (illustrated by James Brown) 2018
  • Al's Awesome Science: Busy Bodies! (illustrated by James Brown) 2019

Sky Private Eye, Five Quills:

  • Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit: A Fairytale Mystery Starring the Gingerbread Boy Five Quills 2018
  • Sky Private Eye and The Case of the Sparkly Slipper: A Fairytale Mystery Starring Cinderella Five Quills 2018
  • Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Missing Grandma: A Fairy-Tale Mystery Starring Little Red Riding Hood Five Quills 2020

Lottie Loves Nature, Five Quills:

  • Lottie Loves Nature: Frog Frenzy illustrated by James Brown, Five Quills 2020
  • Lottie Loves Nature: Bird Alert illustrated by James Brown, Five Quills 2021
  • Lottie Loves Nature: Bee-Ware illustrated by James Brown, Five Quills 2021

In conjunction with Random House Children's Books (The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Series):

In conjunction with Working Partners Ltd. (Dinosaur Cove Series):

In Conjunction with Working Partners Ltd. (Puddle the Naughtiest Puppy Series):


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