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Jane Fonda's Workout Book.jpg
IllustratorSteve Schapiro (photographer)
PublishedSimon & Schuster 1981

Jane Fonda's Workout Book is a nonfiction book about exercise written by actress Jane Fonda. It was published in 1981 and made the top five on the New York Times nonfiction hardback bestseller list.[1] A workout video was made from the book.[2] It was also adapted into an album.

About the book[edit]

This book is a presentation of an exercise program for women, the first by a celebrity.[3] The exercise program is based on a dancer's warm-up and provides detailed instructions for a beginner's routine and an advanced routine.[4]


  • This book was later made into the exercise video Jane Fonda's Workout, with a 30-minute beginners' class and a 60-minute advanced session.[5]
  • An album Jane Fonda's Workout Record was issued in 1982 (cassette copies were billed as Jane Fonda's Workout Tape), it reached the top 40 in both the UK & US, peaking at #7 [1] and # 15 respectively. [2]
  • The book was on the No. 1 bestseller list for over 6 months and over 16 months in the top five in 1983.[6]

Other books by this author[edit]

Other books by Jane Fonda include:[7]

  • Being a Teen: Everything Teen Girls and Boys should know about Relationships, Sex, Love, Health, Identity and More
  • My Life So Far
  • Jane Fonda: Cooking for Healthy Living
  • Jane Fonda's New Pregnancy Workout and Total Birth Program
  • Jane Fonda's New Workout Book
  • Jane Fonda's New Workout and Weightloss Program
  • Women Coming of Age
  • Jane Fonda's Year of Fitness, Health and Nutrition
  • Jane Fonda's Health and Fitness Diary


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