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Jane Getz (born 12 September 1942) is an American jazz pianist and session musician.

She learned classical piano as a child and began playing jazz at the age of nine. She lived in California early in life but when she was sixteen moved to New York City. She found work with Pony Poindexter and later performed with Charles Mingus, Herbie Mann, Stan Getz, Roland Kirk, Jay Clayton, Charles Lloyd, and Pharoah Sanders.[1]

In the early 1970s Getz returned to Los Angeles and became a studio musician. She recorded country music for RCA under the name "Mother Hen" and appeared on albums by The Bee Gees, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Rick Roberts, and John Lennon. She wrote the title track for the 1973 Jimmie Spheeris album The Original Tap Dancing Kid.[1]

Getz went into semi-retirement but began playing jazz again in the 1990s. She was a member of Dale Fielder's quartet in Los Angeles in 1995. Her first jazz album as a leader, No Relation, was released in 1996.[1]


As leader[edit]

  • Mother Hen (1971)
  • No Ordinary Child (1972)
  • No Relation (1996)

As sidewoman[edit]

With Harry Nilsson

  • 1974 Pussy Cats
  • 1975 Duit on Mon Dei
  • 1976 That's the Way It Is

With Jimmie Spheeris

  • 1973 The Original Tap Dancing Kid
  • 1975 The Dragon Is Dancing

With Ringo Starr

  • 1976 Ringo's Rotogravure
  • 1981 Stop & Smell the Roses

With others


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