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Jane Godwin (born 24 June 1964 in Melbourne, Australia[1]) is an Australian author, and is a publisher at Penguin Books Australia for Children and Young Adult Books.

Godwin has sole-authored fifteen books which have been published internationally, and she has earned many commendations. Her novel The Family Tree won the 2000 Queensland Premier's Literary Award. Sebby, Stee, The Garbos and Me was shortlisted for the 1999 New South Wales State Literary Award (Patricia Wrightson Prize) and was also a YABBA (Young Australian Best Book Award) finalist. The True Story of Mary was shortlisted for the 2006 CBC Book of the Year Awards in the Younger Readers category.

As well as being an author, Godwin loves being creative with students of all ages. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and two children.[2]


  • The Family Tree (1998)
  • Poor Fish (2000)
  • When Anna Slept Over (2001)
  • Millie Starts School (2001)
  • Jessie and Mr Smith (2003)
  • The Day I Turned Ten (2004)
  • Minnie and The Super Guys (2004)
  • The True Story of Mary (2005)
  • When Elephants Lived In The Sea (2006)
  • Falling from Grace (2006)
  • Little Cat and the Big Red Bus (2008)
  • Sam Sullivan's Scooter (2009)
  • Where's Sunday? (2010)
  • Today We Have No Plans (2012)
  • Starting School (2013)
  • How Big is Too Small? (2016)
  • Go Go and the Silver Shoes (2018)
  • What Do You Wish For? (2018)


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