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Jane Green
Born (1968-05-31) May 31, 1968 (age 49)
[citation needed]
London, England, United Kingdom
Residence Westport, Connecticut, US
Other names Jane Green Warburg
Occupation Author
Years active 2000 - present
Spouse(s) first, unnamed;
second, Ian Warburg
Children 6, of whom 2
are stepchildren

Jane Green, born in 1968,[1] also known by her married name, Jane Green Warburg,[not verified in body] is an English-born American author whose works of fiction are American and international bestsellers.[1] As of 2014, Green's books had sold in excess of 10 million copies globally, with translations of them appearing in thirty-one languages,[1] making her a leading author, globally, of commercial women's fiction.[not verified in body] With regard to genres, she has been described as "[o]ne of the first of the chick lit" authors,[1][2][3] and as a founding author of the form of fiction sometimes referred to as "mum lit."[2]

Early life and education[edit]

Jane Green was born in London, England, on May 31, 1968.[citation needed][verification needed] She attended South Hampstead High School, and went on to study fine art at Aberystwyth University.[1]


Early career[edit]

Green was employed by Granada TV as a publicist in her early 20s.[1] She continued working as a journalist throughout her twenties,[when?] writing women's features for publications including The Daily Express,[1][4][better source needed] The Daily Mail, and[citation needed] Cosmopolitan magazine.[citation needed]

Fiction writing[edit]

Green left The Daily Express in 1996, to begin work which in thpublication of her first book, Straight Talking seven months later,[1][4] for which there was a bidding war,[1] and which became a bestseller.[citation needed] The book launched her career as "the queen of chick lit".[this quote needs a citation] Her novels include Jemima J: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings and Swans (2000),[1] Life Swap (UK; Swapping Lives in the US, 2006),[1] Second Chance (2007),[1] The Beach House (2008),[1] and Saving Grace (2015),[1] five of seventeen novels through 2016 that became New York Times bestsellers.[verification needed][citation needed] As of 2014, Green had over 10 million books in print,[1] and many global bestsellers.[citation needed] "Jane Green" is the name she continued to use in her writing career, including after she married Ian Warburg of the Warburg banking family, her second spouse,[1] and legally took his name.[citation needed]

Other career activities[edit]

Green has taught at writers' conferences,[1] and writes for various publications including Cosmopolitan magazine,[1] The Sunday Times,[citation needed] The Daily Telegraph,[citation needed] Parade magazine,[citation needed] and The Huffington Post.[1] A graduate of the French Culinary Institute, she is publishing a cookbook, Good Taste.[full citation needed] As of this date,[when?] Green is also writing as a weekly column for The Lady magazine in the United Kingdom.[citation needed] Her contribution of an e-book on the marriages of English royals for ABC News, Green became an ABC News Radio correspondent, and covered the 2011 wedding of "Kate" Middleton to England's Prince William.[1]

Green contributed a story on the virtue of marital fidelity for The Moth Radio Hour, which was recorded in November 2015, and aired in September 2016.[5]

Personal life[edit]

As of 2014, Green lived in Westport, Connecticut,[1] with her second husband, investment adviser Ian Warburg. Green has four children from her first marriage,[1] and two stepchildren.[1]


  • Jemima J: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings and Swans (2000)
  • Mr. Maybe (2001)
  • Bookends (2002)
  • Babyville: A Novel (2003)
  • Straight Talking: A Novel
  • Spellbound [UK] / To Have and to Hold [US]
  • The Other Woman: A Novel (2005)
  • This Christmas (2005)
  • Life Swap [UK] / Swapping Lives [US] (2006)
  • Second Chance (2007)
  • The Beach House (2008)
  • Girl Friday [UK] / Dune Road [US] (2009)
  • The Love Verb [UK] / Promises to Keep [US] (2010)
  • The Patchwork Marriage [UK] / Another Piece of my Heart [US] (2012)
  • The Accidental Husband [UK] / Family Pictures [US] (2013)
  • Tempting Fate (2014)
  • Saving Grace (2015)
  • Cat and Jemima J (novella) (2015)
  • Summer Secrets (2015)
  • Falling: A Love Story (2016)
  • The Sunshine Sisters (2017)


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