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Coordinates: 41°59′36″N 21°27′54″E / 41.993249°N 21.464866°E / 41.993249; 21.464866

Sportskiot Centar "Jane Sandanski"
"Luxury Arena"
Jane Sandanski Arena 2014
OwnerRK Vardar
Closed15 February 2013
Construction cost15 000 000 euros
RK Vardar / ZRK Vardar / MZT Skopje Aerodrom

Jane Sandanski Arena (Macedonian: Спортскиот центар "Јане Сандански" or Сала "Јане Сандански") is an indoor sports arena located in the Aerodrom Municipality of Skopje, Macedonia. It has a capacity of 6,000. It is named after the Macedonian revolutionary Jane Sandanski.

On 18 November 2012, it was announced that the arena would be completely demolished, with a new arena called Sports Centre Jane Sandanski planned to be built in its stead.[1] On 14 February 2013, MZT Skopje held their last training in Jane Sandanski, with more than a thousand fans attending. The following day the arena was officially closed and demolished.

It was rebuilt and reopened in August 2014, financed by the Russian businessman Sergey Samsonenko, built alongside the four-star hotel "Russia".

In September 2015, the west and east stands were upgraded by 500 seats and south and north stands upgraded with 650 seats.

Now the arena is the home ground of RK Vardar, ZRK Vardar and MZT Skopje. Sports Centre Jane Sandanski has a fitness centre, aerobics centre, tennis and paddle tennis courts, playground for children and exclusive HUMMEL sports store and fan shop.

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