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Jane Webster is a retired English female badminton player noted for her strong and consistent shot-making. Though competitive at a world-class level in singles, her greatest success came in doubles.


She won the 1980 IBF World Championships in women's doubles with Nora Perry. The same year they also won the 1980 European Badminton Championships, and in 1981 they captured the All England Doubles title. Webster and Perry were silver medalists in defense of their title at the then triennial World Championships in 1983. She won the English National ladies doubles title in 1978-79 with Gillian Gilks and the 1981-82 and 1982-83 titles with Nora Perry. Webster also won the English National Ladies Singles title in the 1981-82 season, her best in singles which included victories in the Dutch Open and the Indian Masters Invitation. Webster shared the Japan Open Ladies Doubles Title in 1982 with Nora Perry. Her last major title before retiring was the 1984 Indonesian Open ladies doubles crown, again, with Nora Perry. She represented England 85 times in international team matches.