Jane White Is Sick & Twisted

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Jane White Is Sick & Twisted
Jane White Is Sick & Twisted.jpg
Directed by David Michael Latt
Produced by David Michael Latt
Kim Little
Starring Kim Little
Wil Wheaton
Alley Mills
Richard Kline
Distributed by The Asylum
Release date
  • January 27, 2002 (2002-01-27)
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Jane White Is Sick & Twisted is a 2002 comedy film produced by The Asylum, starring Kim Little. It is one of few films by the studio not to be made to capitalize on another film, and is also one of few Asylum films to have a theatrical release.


The film follows Jane White (Kim Little), a teenager who is obsessed with television, and dreams of becoming a TV celebrity. Jane is also convinced that she is the daughter of a prominent talk-show host, and aspires to appear on that show in the hope of launching her career as a television actress.


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