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Janek Schaefer

Janek Schaefer is a London-based sound artist, composer and entertainer, born in England to Polish and Canadian parents in 1970. He is known for his work with sound and installation art. In 2008, he won The British Composer of the Year Award for Sonic Art & The Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers Prize. He is Visiting Professor at the Sonic Art Research Unit [Oxford Brookes University]. In 2009/10 the Bluecoat gallery in Liverpool mounted a retrospective exhibition of his 20-year career to date.

Life and career[edit]

While studying architecture at the Royal College of Art, Schaefer recorded the fragmented noises of a sound activated dictaphone travelling overnight through the Post Office.[citation needed] That work, titled 'Recorded Delivery' 1995 was made for the 'Self Storage' exhibition Time Out critics choice with one time postman Brian Eno and Artangel.[citation needed] The 'Tri-phonic Turntable'[1] [1997] is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the 'World's Most Versatile Record Player'. He has performed, lectured and exhibited widely throughout Europe Sonar, Tate Modern, ICA, USA/Canada, The Walker, XI, Mutek, Princeton, Japan, and the Sydney Opera House.[citation needed]

His CD Above Buildings [2000] was released on Fat Cat.[citation needed] He has played in duos and released albums with Philip Jeck (Songs for Europe CD), Robert Hampson (Comae CD), Stephan Mathieu (Hidden Name CD) and Charlemagne Palestine [Day of the Demons LP].[citation needed] He lives and works at the audiOh! Room in Walton-on-Thames on the edge of London, with his wife and two children.[citation needed]


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In 2008, Schaefer won The British Composer of The Year[2] Award for Sonic Art for his project Extended Play Triptych for the child survivors of war and conflict. The same year he won The Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers Prize. He was the 'McKnight Composer in Residence' for the American Composers Forum, USA 2002/3. In 2004 his Random Playing LP called 'Skate' received the 'Award of Distinction' at the Prix Ars Electronica, Austria.[citation needed]


Schaefer has released 33 albums, and runs his own label audiOh! Recordings.[citation needed]


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