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Jane's World Railways is a directory of railway activities worldwide. It is published annually. Half the book is dedicated to manufacturers of railway equipment, and the other half is dedicated to individual railways and metros.

The 2011 issue costs over US$1000, but second hand copies decline in price the older they are.

Different editions or the last hard cover edition of Jane's may also be available, for consultation only, at the public libraries of the larger cities in the English speaking world, inquire locally.

Maps and diagrams[edit]

The yearbook contains many maps of railway systems, which since about 1990 have been redrawn in a consistent style.

The yearbook also contains many diagrams of structure gauges and loading gauges for some but not all countries.


  • 2003 - Jackie Clarke & Ken Harris
  • 1988 - G. Freeman Allen
  • 1976 - Paul J. Goldsack
  • 1971 - Henry Sampson


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