Janet's Foss

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Janet's Foss
Janet's Foss 2.jpg
Janet's Foss in April 2005
LocationNorth Yorkshire, England
Coordinates54°3′58″N 2°8′12″W / 54.06611°N 2.13667°W / 54.06611; -2.13667
WatercourseGoredale Beck/River Aire

Janet's Foss is a small waterfall in the vicinity of the village of Malham, North Yorkshire, England. It carries Gordale Beck over a limestone outcrop topped by tufa into a deep pool below. The pool was traditionally used for sheep dipping, an event which drew in local village inhabitants for the social occasion.[1]

The name Janet (sometimes Jennet) is believed to refer to a fairy queen reputed to inhabit a cave at the rear of the fall.[1] Foss is a Nordic word for waterfall, still used in Scandinavia, and is presented in a number of cases in England as 'force'.[2]

Janet's Foss was the location of the fictional Molkham Falls featured in the 2006 independent British film Waterfall. Filming took place there in May 2006.[3]

Janet's Foss is occasionally used by all-weather wild swimmers.[4]


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