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Janet Clarke Hall
University of Melbourne
JCH Crest (University of Melbourne).jpg
Janet Clarke Hall Crest
LocationRoyal Parade, Parkville, Victoria
Coordinates37°47′41″S 144°57′32″E / 37.7948°S 144.9589°E / -37.7948; 144.9589Coordinates: 37°47′41″S 144°57′32″E / 37.7948°S 144.9589°E / -37.7948; 144.9589
Full nameJanet Clarke Hall The University of Melbourne
MottoDeo Duce, Verbo Luce (Latin)
Motto in EnglishGod as Guide, the Word as Light
Named forJanet, Lady Clarke
Previous namesTrinity Women's Hostel
Sister collegeTrinity College
PrincipalDamian X. Powell
NewspaperLuce, TigerLilyRag
Janet Clarke Hall from Royal Parade

Janet Clarke Hall (JCH) is an Anglican residential college of the University of Melbourne. JCH is one of the smallest of the colleges of the University of Melbourne, and was the first university college in Australia to admit women. JCH has a strong academic focus, with a plurality of students in residence achieving a first class average in their university studies.


Established in 1886 as a residential hostel for women students of Trinity College, JCH was named after a significant benefactor Janet, Lady Clarke, wife of Sir William Clarke, 1st Baronet.[1] Enid Joske was Principal of JCH from 1928 until 1952.[2] JCH became an independent college in 1961, and co-educational in 1973.


JCH's current Principal is historian Damian X. Powell, a specialist in Australian and British legal and military history. The current Vice-Principal is Margie Welsford, a counselling psychologist and former head of Whitley College.


Janet Clarke Hall offers a range of scholarships and bursaries to students upon the basis of academic merit and financial need. Academic and community service scholarships were awarded to more than a third of students this year.

The scholarships are awarded upon the recommendation to the College Council of a committee comprising the Principal, Chairman of Council, and a representative of the University of Melbourne. All details regarding requests for financial assistance are kept strictly confidential to the College.


JCH has an Artist-in-Residence program, whereby a prominent artist is resident in the college, offering tutoring and mentoring to JCH students. The current Artist-in-Residence is Alice Pung, an acclaimed novelist. JCH's Kenneth Moore Memorial Music Scholar is Dr Anna Goldsworthy, an acclaimed classical pianist and writer. Throughout the year, Dr Goldsworthy performs recitals for the JCH community, and runs masterclasses for JCH's music students.

JCH has an annual literature dinner where an established author speaks about their writing and any topical issues. Past speakers have included Helen Garner, Peter Goldsworthy, Chloe Hooper, and Peter Singer.

Student club[edit]

The Student Club of Janet Clarke Hall Inc. provides students with support and organises social, sporting and cultural activities. Particularly significant is the college's "Orientation Week", inducting new students into the culture of JCH. It is reported to have been "the best week of my life" for many. The club is administered by an eight-member executive, comprising President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Arts & Culture Rep, Female & Male Sports Reps, and a General Rep.

People associated with the college[edit]

College visitor[edit]

The current college visitor is Peter C. Doherty, winner of a Nobel Prize[clarification needed] and Australian of the Year in 1997.


Distinguished Alumni include;


Distinguished former tutors include;

Rhodes Scholars[edit]

Alumni who were awarded Rhodes Scholarships include;


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