Janet Kohan-Sedq

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Janet Cohansedgh
Personal information
Full name Janet Cohansedgh
Born 1945
Tehran, Iran
Died June 1972
Tehran, Iran
Updated on 28 May 2007.

Janet Cohansedgh (Persian: جنت کهن صدق‎‎, born 1945-1972) is a former Iranian athlete who died at the height of her career. She was a national champion and holder of a number of records in the early and mid-1960s. A graduate of the Anushiravan High School, she received a degree in physical education from the University of Tehran. Her crowning achievement was at a track and field meet in October 1965. There, Cohansedgh broke the 100 metre and 60 metre hurdle records. The 35,000 people in the stadium began to chant her name and she was named athlete of the year by sports weekly, Keyhan-e-varzeshi. In 1964, along with five other female athletes, Cohansedgh was among the first Iranian women to attend and compete in the national Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to representing Iran in the Olympics, she was also invited to and competed in several international competitions including the Asian Games in Israel. In June 1972, she died in a car crash along with the captain of the Iran women's national basketball team, Simin Shafiqi. In her memory, both the University of Tehran and the Iranian Track and Field Federation instituted yearly competitions in her name. The first of which, she was honored in her own discipline by having lane 2 remain open and strewn with flowers, as that was the last place where she competed.


Born in 1945, she was the third daughter of the Cohansedgh family. Her first 100 metre race was in 1960 where she came in a respectable third place. As an adult, her first race was in 1960 when she won the 80 metres in a record time of 11 seconds.


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