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Jang Group, also known as Geo Group, is a subsidiary of Dubai-based company Independent Media Corporation. Its headquarters is in Printing House, Karachi, Pakistan. It is Pakistan's largest group of newspapers and the publisher of the Urdu Language newspaper the Daily Jang. (جنگ), The News International, Mag Weekly, GEO News and Geo TV Network.[1][2][3]

Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. is the current head of the business house based in Karachi. He is the CEO of Jang Group of Newspapers and also holds the title of Editor-in-Chief.[1][2][4]

Late Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman (1927-1992) was the founder chairman and editor of Jang Group of Newspapers.

Background and major shareholders[edit]

Mir Khalil ur Rehman, a businessman of Kashmiri descent, founded the Jang Group at the end of Second world war.[5] As of 2011, his eldest son, Mir Javed ur Rehman is the Group Chairman and the Executive Director. Javed's younger brother Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, is Group Chief Executive and Editor in Chief.[6] Independent Media Corporation is a multi-media corporation and owns the Jang Group of Newspapers and the Geo Television Network based in Karachi, Pakistan. Mir Ibrahim Rahman is the Chief Executive of Geo Television Network and the President is Imran Aslam.[5]

Newspapers and magazines[edit]

  • Daily Jang - original flagship newspaper of the Group in Urdu language. Group Editor: Mehmood Sham in Karachi. Newspaper editions are issued in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Multan and London, with the largest daily circulation in Pakistan among Urdu newspapers[6]
  • The News International - daily newspaper in English started in 1991
  • Akhbar-e-Jahan - a weekly magazine in Urdu language started in 1967[6]
  • MAG - a weekly magazine in English

TV channels[edit]

It also runs many TV channels as part of the Geo Television Network starting with its flagship channel Geo TV in 2002.[6] It has since launched several other channels in which the news, music and sports sectors are targeted. Their broadcast channel services are provided to the viewers in the UK, the US, Canada, and the Middle East as well as in Pakistan.[6]

  • Geo News - a Pakistan based Urdu language news channel
  • AAG TV - launched in September 2006 by the Geo Network, focusing on programs for the youth in Pakistan.
  • GEO Super - (sports channel), launched by Geo Network in September 2006. Programming content includes variety of sports from around the world, focusing mainly on cricket and field hockey with a secondary focus on boxing, football (soccer), and tennis.
  • Geo Entertainment - a Pakistan based entertainment channel showing drama serials, musical programs, feature movies, primarily in the Urdu language.[6]
  • Geo Tez - a Pakistan based comedy channel
  • Geo Kahani - a Pakistan based channel devoted exclusively to drama serials


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