Jang Seo-hee

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Jang Seo-hee
Jang Seo-hee at The Exhibition of Three Korean Artists at Today Art Museum in Beijing, China.jpg
In 2014
Born (1972-01-05) January 5, 1972 (age 45)
Seoul, South Korea
Education Kyung Hee University - Dance
Occupation Actress
Years active 1981–present
Agent Imagine Asia
Korean name
Hangul 장서희
Revised Romanization Jang Seo-hui
McCune–Reischauer Chang Sŏ-hŭi

Jang Seo-hee (Hangul장서희; born January 5, 1972) is a South Korean actress.[1] She has starred in numerous television dramas, including Miss Mermaid (2002) and Temptation of Wife (2008), which were both extremely successful in the ratings and earned Jang the highest acting prize from MBC and SBS.[2][3] In a 2007 Chinese survey of the most influential Korean actors, Jang was the highest ranking actress and placed seventh overall.[4]

Jang made her entertainment debut when she won in a 1981 children's beauty pageant, and began her acting career as a child actress and model.[5][6][7] She was later appointed as goodwill ambassador for the 2009 Gwangju Design Biennale.[8]


Television series[edit]

Year Title Role TV Network
1994 Han Myung Hoe Deposed Queen Yoon KBS
1995 West Palace In-bin KBS
1996 Tears of the Dragon KBS
1998 King and Queen (TV)
1999 Hur Jun (TV) Kim In-bin MBC
2000 Fireworks Na Hyun-kyung SBS
2000 Foolish Princes MBC
2000 Emperor Wang Gun KBS
2001 Her House Chae Yeon MBC
2001 That's Perfect SBS
2002 Miss Mermaid Eun Ah Ri Young MBC
2003 Merry Go Round Sung Eun Kyo MBC
2005 Recipe of Love Oh Soon Jin MBC
2006 Geng Zi Feng Yun Si Qin
2008 Temptation of Wife Gu Eun-Jae/Min So-Hee SBS
2010 OB & GY Seo Hye Young SBS
2011 Master Lin in Seoul Piao Shan Ji CCTV
2012 Heroes of Sui and Tang Zhang Lihua (2012)
2014 Two Mothers Baek Yeonhui KBS
2015 Mom Kim Yoon Hee MBC
2017 Unni is Alive Min Deul-Re SBS


Year English Title Role
1983 3 Days and 3 Nights
1993 The Sun Society
2003 The Crescent Moon
2004 Ghost House Win-ha
2006 My Captain Mr. Underground
2011 Secrets, Objects Hye-jung



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