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Korean name
Hangul 장창
Revised Romanization Jangchang
McCune–Reischauer Changch'ang

The Jangchang, literally long spear, is a Korean weapon first described in the martial manual Muyejebo from the 16th century. The weapon was preferably made from the yew tree, but other wood could be used as well, like wood from the oaktree and chestnut.

The length of the spear was about four meters. Because of its length the weapon wasn't used to throw with.


In the Muyedobotongji two forms are described to practice with the jangchang. The first one being jangchang jun chong bo (장창전총보, 長槍前總譜) and the second one being jangchang hubo (장창후보, 長槍後譜). The forward moving form and the backward moving form respectively. The way of the movements is also given in diagrams called jangchang jun chong do and jangchang hudo, where the word do (도, 圖) means 'drawing' and stands for 'diagram'.

Spears were used by the infantry as well as the cavalry.

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