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Jani Wickholm

Jani Wickholm (born 20 September 1977, in Kerava) is a Finnish pop/rock singer. He came in second place on the Finnish MTV3 show Finnish Idols in 2004 after Hanna Pakarinen. Both Wickholm and Pakarinen had previously worked as truck-drivers.

Wickholm's albums have been comparably successful to the albums of Hanna Pakarinen. His debut album Kaikki muuttuu (Everything changes) topped the Finnish album chart.[1] Wickholm's second album Alumiinitähdet (Aluminium stars) stayed on the chart for three weeks.

Wickholm lives in Jämsä in 2012.



  • Kaikki muuttuu (Everything changes) (2004)
  • Alumiinitähdet (Aluminium stars) (2005)
  • Yhden lauseen mies (Man of one sentence) (2007)
  • Ranta-ahon valot (2008)
  • Jouluksi kotiin (2008)
  • Aivan eri mies (2012)


  • "Hukun (I'm drowning)" (2004)
  • "Kaikki muuttuu (Everything changes)" (2004) (promo)
  • "Siivet (Wings)" (2004) (promo)
  • "Langennut sinuun (Fallen for you)" (2004) (promo)
  • "Alumiinitähdet (Aluminium stars)" (2005) (promo)
  • "Suomenneito (Maid of Finland)" (2005) (promo)
  • "Kuu (The moon)" (2007) (promo)
  • "Jukeboksin runoilija (Jukebox's poet)" (2007) (promo)

Music videos[edit]

  • "Kaikki muuttuu"
  • "Suomenneito"


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