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Janice Race is an American former comic book editor best known for her work at DC Comics in the 1980s.


Raised in The Bronx,[1] Race earned a B.S. in speech pathology and audiology from the College of City University.[2] She was employed by DC Comics in the 1980s[3] and had worked as a textbook editor for Harcourt Brace Jovanovich before entering the comics industry.[4] She served as an Associate Editor for Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway[1] as well as an editor in her own right. Among the titles she oversaw was World's Finest Comics which featured DC's two best-known characters, Superman and Batman.[5] Race was a frequent collaborator with writer Greg Potter and edited his Jemm, Son of Saturn limited series and his Me & Joe Priest graphic novel.[6] She and Potter spent several months working on new concepts for the mid-1980s relaunch of Wonder Woman,[7] before being joined by writer/artist George Pérez.[8] Race left DC before the first issue of the new series was published to return to book publishing[9][10] and was replaced by Karen Berger.


As editor unless noted:

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