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Janina Päivänsäde Fry (née Frostell) (born 12 November 1973 in Helsinki) is Finnish pop singer and model. She hosted the show Bella on Finnish television channel Nelonen. She launched her own clothing line in 2007 which has continued for 10 years next year http://www.k-citymarket.fi/kotona-ja-keittiossa/kt/janina-f-on-arjen-luksusta/

Her breakthrough was winning the "Maiden of Finland" beauty pageant in 1993 and getting to the semi-finals in Miss World the same year.[1] She also has a singing career, although her records have not been particularly successful, despite efforts by her record company Sony BMG.

Fry gave birth to her first child, a daughter, on March 2007. The father of the child is Mark Fry,[1] the director of marketing at Sony BMG in Finland. They had been dating for several years before marrying in the summer of 2007. The family lives in Espoo, Finland. She gave birth to their second child in 2010 http://m.mtv.fi/viihde/muut/artikkeli/il-nain-janina-fry-karisti-raskauskilot/2991708


  • House of Joy (1999) (as Janina)
  • Impossible Love (2003)


  • A Little Change (Gonna Do It) (1998)
  • Love Is / No One But You (1999)
  • What Goes Around (1999)
  • Like a Hurricane (2001)
  • I'll Save My Tears (2002)
  • Impossible Love (2003)
  • Insanity (Why It Always Happens to Me) (2003)
  • Honey Love (2003)
  • Call Me (2003)


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