Janko Kamauf

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Janko Kamauf
Janko Kamauf cropped.jpg
Portrait of Janko Kamauf by Bela Čikoš Sesija on display at the Zagreb City Museum
1st Mayor of Zagreb
In office
Preceded by Office created
Succeeded by Josip F. Haerdtl
Personal details
Born 1801
Died 1874

Janko Kamauf was the last city magistrate of Gradec and the first mayor of Zagreb, Croatia. He saw the unification of Gradec, Kaptol and several surrounding villages into Zagreb by ban Josip Jelačić in 1850 and remained the city mayor until 1857.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Office created
0000Mayor of Zagreb0000
Succeeded by
Josip F. Haerdtl