Jankoji Rao Scindia II

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Jankoji Rao Scindia II
Maharaja (Ruler of Gwalior) [1]
Jankoji Rao Scindia II.jpg
Jankoji Rao Scindia II
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha ruler of Gwalior
Reign 21 March 1827 — 7 February 1843
Born 1805
Died 7 February 1843 (aged 38)
Father Patloji Rao Scindia
Religion Hinduism

Maharajadhiraj Maharaja Shrimant Jankoji Rao Scindia II Bahadur (1805 – 7 February 1843), was Maharaja Scindia of Gwalior (r.1827 – 1843). [2]


He was born in 1805 as Mugat Rao Scindia, son of Sardar Patloji Rao Scindia, by his wife, the sister of Sardar Krishnaji Rao Kadam (Mama Sahib), sometime Regent of Gwalior.[3]

Daulat Rao Scindia died in Lashkar, Gwalior, on 21 March 1827 without heir (his only son Yuvraj Maharaje Sahib Maharaj Shrimant Madhorao Scindia had died in Gwalior in 1812 with only 8 months) and without having adopted successor. On his death bed he left the State and succession in the hands of the British Government but noting his desire that the widow Baiza Bai was treated with respect or Baiza and listened; Baiza Bai was the Regency of 21 March 1827 to June 17, 1827. He was adopted by Maharani Baiza Bai, and ascended the gadi[clarification needed] 18 June 1827.[4]

He reigned under the regency of Maharani Baiza Bai until he came of age and was invested with full ruling powers, December 1832. He died at Lashkar on 7 February 1843.[5]


Jankoji Rao Scindia II
Born: 1805 Died: 1843
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Daulat Rao Scindia
Maharaja of Gwalior
Succeeded by
Jayaji Rao Scindia