Janne Josefsson

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Janne Josefsson
Janne Josefsson, Bokmässan 2014.jpg
Janne Josefsson at Gothenburg Book Fair in Gothenburg 2014.
Born (1957-06-27) June 27, 1957 (age 59)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Occupation Journalist, Television host

Janne Josefsson (born June 27, 1957 in Gothenburg) is a Swedish investigative journalist who has had numerous shows on Sveriges Television such as Fittja Paradiso, Uppdrag Granskning and Debatt.[1] Uppdrag Granskning has uncovered some of Sweden's most noted scandals such as the ICA meat repackaging controversy, and have both received journalistic prizes and attracted criticism for e.g. biased reporting.


  • Behöver vänstern gå i terapi? (also with Mats Zetterberg), 1976
  • Kriget & sanningen [Editor: Jan Josefsson], 2002


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