Janq'u Qullu

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Janq'u Qullu
Janq'u Qullu is located in Bolivia
Janq'u Qullu
Janq'u Qullu
Highest point
Elevation5,460 m (17,910 ft) [1]
Coordinates16°59′47″S 67°19′45″W / 16.99639°S 67.32917°W / -16.99639; -67.32917Coordinates: 16°59′47″S 67°19′45″W / 16.99639°S 67.32917°W / -16.99639; -67.32917
Parent rangeAndes, Kimsa Cruz mountain range
First ascent1989, Evelio Echevarría

Janq'u Qullu (Aymara janq'u white, qullu mountain, "white mountain", Hispanicized spelling Anco Collo) is a mountain in the Bolivian Andes, about 5,460 metres (17,913 ft) high. The mountaineer Evelio Echevarría described it as a pure white mountain. It lies in the Kimsa Cruz mountain range near Wallatani Lake. It is situated in the La Paz Department, at the border of Inquisivi Province and Loayza Province, south east of the mountains Jach'a Khunu Qullu, Wayna Khunu Qullu and San Luis.

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