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Jantje Friese and her partner, Baran bo Odar, in 2018 at the Grimme-Preis awards ceremony.

Jantje Friese (born 1977) is a German film producer and screenwriter known for co-creating the popular Netflix series Dark.[1]


Jantje Friese studied production and media management at the University of Television and Film Munich. After graduating, she worked as a producer for Made in Munich Film Production and Neue Sentimental Film Berlin. In 2010 she was the producer of the feature film The Last Silence with her partner Baran bo Odar.[2]

With Odar, she wrote the screenplay for Who Am I - No System Is Safe (2014), which was filmed by Odar. Her screenplay was nominated for Best Screenplay at the German Film Awards 2015, but did not win.

Through this film, Netflix became aware of Friese and Odar and offered both to make a series based on the film. Instead, Friese and Odar jointly developed the first German Netflix series, Dark, which premiered December 1, 2017.[3] Friese was honored with a Grimme-Preis, Germany's most prestigious television award, in 2018 for her writing on Dark season 1.[4] In 2019 Dark was renewed for a third season.[5]


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