January 2005 Dagestan Raids

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January 15 2005 sieges in Dagestan
Part of Second Chechen War
Date January 15, 2005
Location Makhachkala and Kaspiysk, Dagestan
Result Russian tactical victory


Flag of Jihad.svg Shariat Jamaat
Commanders and leaders
Arzulum Ilyasov † and others Magomedzagir Akayev †
? 8
Casualties and losses
4 killed 6 killed
1 captured

January 15 2005 sieges were two raids of the Russian security forces on a militant Islamist group's safehouses in Dagestan. At least four Russian commandos and six rebels died in the clashes, while one was captured. The group, called Shariat Jamaat, previously killed 29 members of the Dagestani department for fighting extremism and criminal terrorism, including its chief Akhberdilav Akilov.



In the first incident, the government forces surrounded a group of five rebel fighters in a two-story house on the outskirts of Makhachkala, capital of Dagestan. For 17 hours, the rebels battled Russian special forces supported by armoured vehicles and a helicopter, killing one of elite Alpha Group commandos and wounding another. In the end a tank belonging to the Russian Marines smashed the remains of the burned and gutted house. The authorities claimed that among the five bodies recovered from the ruins was the Jennet leader Rasul Makasharipov, but it turned out to be incorrect when Makasharipov resurfaced four days later.


In a separate clash this day, special police task force stormed another house in Dagestan's port of Kaspiysk to arrest a separate group of militants. Three SOBR officers were killed in the attempt, including group commander Colonel Arzulum Ilyasov. One rebel was killed (50-year-old commander Magomedzagir Akayev) and one wounded and captured, while the third one escaped (according to some reports two were captured).

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