Janusz Dobrosz

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Janusz Dobrosz
member of Sejm 2005-2007
In office
September 25, 2005 – ?
Personal details
Born 1954
Nationality Polish
Political party League of Polish Families

Janusz Dobrosz ([ˈjanuʂ ˈdɔbrɔʂ], born March 7, 1954 in Wieruszów) is a Polish politician. He was elected to the Sejm on September 25, 2005 getting 14,655 votes in 3 Wrocław district, candidating from the League of Polish Families list.

He was also a member of People's Republic of Poland Sejm 1989-1991, Sejm 1993-1997, Sejm 1997-2001, and Sejm 2001-2005.

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