Janusz Morgenstern

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Janusz "Kuba" Morgenstern (16 November 1922 – 6 September 2011) was a Polish film director and producer.

Janusz Morgenstern

Janusz Morgenstern was born in 1922 to a Jewish family in the town of Mikulińce, Poland (now Mykulyntsi, Ukraine), to Dawid Morgenstern and Estera (née Druks).

He debuted as a director with the film Goodbye, See You Tomorrow (1960). His other films include Jowita (1967), We Have to Kill this Love (1972), W-Hour (1979), Lesser of Two Evils (2009). TV series directed by Morgenstern included: Stake Larger than Life (1967–1968), Columbuses (1970) and Polish Roads (1976).[1] He died in Warsaw, Poland.

Selected filmography[edit]