Janusz Suchywilk

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Janusz Suchywilk

Janusz Suchywilk of Grzymala Coat of Arms (c. 1310 in Strzelce – 5 April 1382 in Żnin) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic), relative of Jarosław z Bogorii i Skotnik.

Janusz became Chancellor of the Polish Kingdom and Archbishop of Gniezno in 1374. From 1357 until 1373 he served as Chancellor of Kraków. He was an outstanding lawyer. He is considered as the co-author of King Casimir III of Poland's statutes. An advocate of Kazko IV Prince of Słupsk for the Polish throne after the death of King Kazimierz. He was the leader of the opposition to King Ludwik Wegierski.

Preceded by
Zbigniew z Szczyrzyca
Grand Chancellor of the Crown
Succeeded by
Zawisza z Kurozwek
Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Jarosław z Bogorii i Skotnik
Archbishop of Gniezno
Succeeded by
Bodzęta z Kosowic