Japan–Paraguay relations

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Japan-Paraguay relations
Map indicating locations of Japan and Paraguay



Japan–Paraguay relations (Japanese: 日本とパラグアイの関係, Spanish: Relaciones entre Japón y Paraguay) are foreign relations between Japan and Paraguay. With the signing of the bilateral Trade Agreement between both of them, the two countries established diplomatic relations on November 17, 1919.[1] Japan has an embassy in Asunción.[2] Paraguay has an embassy in Tokyo.[3]

The bilateral relations were suspended during World War II; in other words, Paraguay broke diplomatic relations with Japan, Germany and Italy on January 28, 1942, and then finally, Paraguay declared war on Japan and Germany on February 7, 1945.[4]

On September 8, 1951, the definitive Treaty of Peace with Japan was signed in San Francisco by Japan, Paraguay, the United States and other 46 allied nations except communist states.[5] By virtue of the ratification of the treaty on November 28, 1951 in Japan and on January 15, 1953 in Paraguay,[6] their bilateral relations were restored.

There are around 7,000 Paraguayans who are of Japanese descent, whose ancestors came to Paraguay between 1936 and 1959.

Both countries are full members of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

Diplomatic missions[edit]

Japanese ambassadors to Paraguay[edit]

Paraguayan ambassadors to Japan[edit]

  1. Nicolás de Bari Flecha Torres (1956-1961)[13]
  2. Desiderio Melanio Enciso (1972-1976)[13]
  3. Marcos Martínez Mendieta (1977-1984)[13]
  4. Juan Carlos Hrase von Bargen (1984-1989)[13]
  5. Fernando B. Costantini (1990-1993)[13]
  6. Federico Mandelburger (1993-1997)[13]
  7. Miguel Ángel Solano López Casco (1997-2004)[13]
  8. Isao Taoka (Issei Japanese Paraguayan,[14] 2004-2009)[13]
  9. Naoyuki Toyotoshi (Issei Japanese Paraguayan,[15] 2009-)[13]

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