Japan–Uruguay relations

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Japan-Uruguay relations
Map indicating locations of Japan and Uruguay


Japanese embassy in Montevideo

Japan–Uruguay relations (Japanese: 日本とウルグアイの関係, Spanish: Relaciones entre Japón y Uruguay) are foreign relations between Japan and Uruguay. Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1921. Japan has an embassy in Montevideo.[1] Uruguay has an embassy in Tokyo.[2]

The bilateral relations were suspended during World War II, but in 1952 they were restored.

There is a small but meaningful presence of Japanese people in Uruguay; traditionally they are cultivators of flowers.

In 2001, Princess Sayako inaugurated a Japanese garden in Montevideo.[3] In September 2008, Princess Takamado visited Uruguay and a ceremony of the 100th anniversary of the Japanese emigration in Uruguay was held.[4]

Both countries are full members of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

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